thoughtful makeup ideas

thoughtful makeup ideas

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Spring gal, don't wear heavy makeup it will weigh you down -- completely contradict the lightness of your being.  When you define your brows, don't use a distinct line, but rather use smaller lines in the direction the brows grow; this will give a more natural, animated effect.  For brow and eye definition, use brown or warm colors, rather than black, unless you are a Vital Spring.

Why should we try to wear makeup in our season?  What is the deeper purpose?  For some of the same reasons we may have come to the color analysis world: not only do we realize that certain colors harmonize with our body in our clothing choices, the same applies to our makeup.  But it's more than that... In our makeup choices, we are harmonizing with our body colors, such as our hair, eyes and skintone, but we are also harmonizing with our personality.  By choosing colors that have some of the same qualities as our personality, we present with more integrity, we enhance our true, inner beauty.

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